What connections do you see between linguistic diversity in society and a society’s system(s) of social stratification?


It is an intrinsic fact that people use different words choice when give their speeches on various topics. Such a result can depend on a wide range of explanations that can even take its background from miscellaneous fields of science. It is natural that a five year girl’s speech is completely different from fifteen or twenty year girl’s one, the distinction lays not only in the fact of age; structure, ideas, and tone are also considered. Another example of different speeches can be set in terms of variant occupations, for instance, difference between professor’s talk and salesman’s one is obvious. This can be also explained by the fact that people used to speak in a similar way at work and home, they think about word choice at rare occasions. Have you ever considered that there is a clear connection between social division into classes and the capability of people to express their minds? A couple of explanations are provided to prove this fact.


Firstly, Max Weber states that language distinction based on social standing is a product of social stratification. Those people who are considered to be upper class carry such characteristics as wealth, power, and prestige; together with such status intellectual distinction meant. Such a characteristic as wealth was shown through the economic status in the way, for example, as possessing money, power – by means of a proper political status and prestige – in the way that other people hold such a person in high esteem or this person shows other people the exemplary acts. According to Weber, colonialism also played its role on the division of people and their status.

Secondly, the idea of colonialism effect lays in the work of Frantz Fanon the Wretched of the Earth, where the attitude towards development of people in colonialized countries is shown in a very disdainful way. Fanon compare the development of such people with those who have an animal status, often he resorts to using zoological terms while describing them. The author views such a situation due to the economic development and their lifestyle. Except such a critical view towards colonists, he talks about white and black differentiation and its impact on the status. He claims that the explanation of poverty is belonging to black group of people. Fanon draws attention to the fact the colonists are not true owners of the land where they life, similar to language, they do not have right to use if to full extend.

Thirdly, Karl Marx characterizes labors as less intelligent ones, in this way he also show the division between people according to their occupation. He mentions category “labor” and “rich” as an opposition; he insists on that fact that they do not share things in common. In the example is said that “labor produces things – but for the worker it produces privation” in the same way as it produces intelligence for the rich – but stupidity and cretinism for workers. In this opposition is shown that labors were considered as mechanisms for producing goods but not those who were in need of development.

Taking everything into account, the relation between class division and people intelligence is proved on the example taken from history. At the time social stratification is obviously seen because of the measures that used at that time to define person as poor or wealthy. This is no evidence from the modern time; probably that tendency would be flawed and not proved. It is necessary to explore new avenues of information in reopening this issue, where historical example should be provided as thing to compare with that time but not things that should be used as a complement to modern time.


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