Aqua Therapy involves carrying out physical therapy in a water-based environment like a pool. Such exercises are recommended for individuals who have intense pain and are not able to perform exercises of a land-based kind. Individuals who suffer from muscle tears, osteoarthritis or osteoporosis are advised to try out water therapy.


I chose this workout program since of its low impact pain management. Unintended movements that usually cause pain are avoided. Aqua therapy focuses on the neck, arms and leg muscles and the spinal cord. The exercise also focuses on reducing diabetes and high blood pressure. The thing that I enjoyed most about aqua therapy is the low gravity that allows a person to feel an upward thrust instead of sinking. This allows individuals who are obese to also participate in the program. Low gravity also allows people who have balance deficits to minimize their fear of falling. However, the main thing that I did not like about aqua therapy is the many warm up exercises that one has to perform first like shoulder rolls and arm circles. In the future, I hope to attain better flexibility so that I may be able to perform various exercise routines without tiring quickly. I would recommend this workout to individuals who are suffering from muscoskeletal injuries, back pain, high blood pressure and diabetes. The workout exercise had a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises that helped to improve the functions of the lungs and heart. Aqua therapy exercises often lead to isotonic contractions since therapists use their skills to flex the muscles thus making them strong while reducing pain at the same time (Marinho, 2015).

Aqua therapy has more benefits than disadvantages and it has many success stories. I recommend that individuals who have continuous pain in their body should try it out. Elderly people are also encouraged to try.

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