Radiology service

Radiology service

Ancillary medical services are vital for a physician’s work (Pharaoh & White, 2014). This paper will analyze the radiology service, a diagnostic service. It will briefly describe radiology that is a service of great importance and discuss the issues that an individual in the management position of the diagnostic service would inform employees of their work expectations. Finally, a detailed message statement regarding the expectations discussed in this paper will be prepared.


Radiology is a specialty that uses imaging as a diagnostic tool for diseases (Helms & Brant, 2012). A radiologist is a health practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases by the use of medical imaging methods, for example, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, positron emission tomography, nuclear medicine, computed tomography, and x-rays. The performance of medical processes with the help of imaging techniques is referred to as interventional radiology.

Radiology service is very complex. Therefore, this service requires trained personnel who are technologically knowledgeable and can handle the confiscated machinery that is used in medical imaging. Radiology technology is considerably new and experiences some challenges. Lack of enough qualified staff is a major problem that most radiology departments face. Technological enhancements are also key challenges to radiology as the need surpasses the supply of equipment (Pharaoh & White, 2014). The radiology machines are also expensive, and therefore, the hospital management together with the management team from the radiology department should unite in budgeting for them. The hospital's management team of radiologists should also consider taking the team of radiologists to training after rolling outnew equipment to the market.

Radiology service requires sub specialization in different aspects of technology. The major reason for having several individuals who specialize in different technologies is due to the information overload that different radiology machines have. The information may be too much since there are too many strides in the development of new technologies. Sub specialization also assists in research. With knowledge in a specific field, it is very easy to carry out scientific research on given disease and medical disorders that can be resolved using radiology. Clinicians and patients who come for diagnosis require accurate information and for this reason, it is easy to refer someone who has specialized in a given technology to carry out an accurate diagnosis and give comprehensive reports. Sub specialization also helps when it comes to sending people out to study particular new equipment (Pharaoh & White, 2014). Someone with prior knowledge of the functionality of a given type of equipment will be resourceful as they will be able to comprehend the science behind the functionality of the machine and will find it easier to teach their colleagues.

The management of a hospital’s radiology service has to be knowledgeable, focused and determined to transform radiology to another level to satisfy their clients (Helms & Brant, 2012). As the name suggests, radiology is a service whereas a radiologist is a service provider and, therefore, it is logical to prioritize service delivery and understanding of quality. The management of this ancillary service should have two major expectations from the employees. These expectations include service quality and service delivery. Service quality refers to the service that exceeds the client’s expectation and makes them feel delighted. The customers should have their satisfaction guaranteed through a quality assurance statement. For the service to be of quality, the management should consider having a quality control process of checking on services and products to determine whether they have attained the requirements or not.

In the preparation of a message, statement that will govern the work expectations discussed above, the management team should look into the ways of improving customer service delivery in the department of radiology. The main mission of the management should be to emerge the best in the region. Under this topic, it is important to understand the identification of customers of the radiology department, having proper knowledge of how clients view radiology services, understanding the identification techniques of the clients’ needs, and accessing clients’ satisfaction.

The identification of customers helps to determine the customer’s needs to find strategies for satisfying them. The radiology service is unique as it has distinct customers ranging from individuals, families, payers, hospital employees, department employees, other hospital departments as well as the federal or state government (Helms & Brant, 2012). All the customers have different needs that should be satisfied, for example, the federal government wants lower costs, the medical staff need reliable reports in speed, the patients need short waiting intervals, and the hospital requires safety and reliability in all radiology operations. After acquiring an understanding of the patients' needs, the department can find ways of planning their activities to match the expectation of their customers. They will lay down strategies to ensure the diagnosis speeded and is reliable, and the operation is safe and costs effective. The department will have thus had a service delivery based on the needs of the clients.

The factors that determine whether the customers are satisfied with radiology services include responsiveness, empathy, reliability, tangibles, and assurance. Reliability is the accurate provision of service to a customer as promised. In the preparation of a message statement by the management, reliability should be a priority. The radiologists should perform correct examinations to ensure that the viewers obtain correct results. The report must also be responsive to the clinical problem that the patient has. Giving an assurance to a customer makes them feel comfortable with the competency of the radiologist providing the service. The tangibility of the equipment should be impressive to the customers. Equipment may not be new because of their high costs. However, it is the responsibility of the radiology department to ensure that the machines are used in the right way to provide quality results. Radiologists also need to have empathy and show care and attention to their customers. The responsiveness of the radiology department should be brought to light when preparing a statement by the management. The degree of response to clients should be fast and rapid to allow other departments to carry out further examinations on the same patient (Helms & Brant, 2012).

Assessing the customer’s level of satisfaction is the final detail of the message statement. Service quality and service delivery both depend on whether the client is satisfied or not. The response to the needs of the patient will determine their satisfaction. Assessing satisfaction is the hardest of the three ways of improving service delivery since it is always changing (Helms & Brant, 2012).

Conclusively, the above analysis has described an ancillary diagnostic service, radiology. It is evident that radiology is complex and requires personnel with specialized skills to carry the radiology procedures. As a new member of the management, one would expect quality in the delivery of service. The message statement of management should contain the ways of achieving quality service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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