Common Discipline Assignment

 Common Discipline Assignment

 In an interview with Randal Keynes, one of Charles Darwin’s great-great-great grandsons, several details relevant to the concepts of cultural, and in extension anthropology study emerge.

  1. Darwin was a family man, he was married to Emma and they had children hence the reason why Randal, the interviewee was born. Darwin loved and respected the views of his family. He considers the family as an important constituent of the society.

  2. Darwin lived in a society that adhered to a variety of beliefs and cultures. Even the church at the time of Darwin had theologians who opposed the creation theory. In the interview, it emerges that even though Emma, Darwin’s wife was a devout Christian, she had difficulty convincing Darwin that the Christian doctrine was the ideal way of life. Instead, she sought to convince him to join accommodate her independence to pursue religion even as he relied on science to seek deeper knowledge about life.

  3. From the interview, it also emerges that there are several misconceptions about Darwin mainly due to insufficient information about his family and social background. For instance Randal clarifies that Darwin’s theory on the origin of species was not contrary to the creation theory but was supposed to compliment the knowledge present at the time.

  4. A culture basically originates from an individual’s perspective before becoming a social norm. Darwin and his wife had different religious views but there were more glaring cultural differences between Darwin and Emma on one hand, and their daughter, Henrietta.

  5. Finally, the interview highlights the significance of change even in the strictest cultures. In later, years, Darwin’s daughter Henrietta records that Emma’s belief and conviction about the possibility of family reunification in the afterlife had waned.

Anthropology refers to the study of the interaction between culture, populations and nature. In the interview, the people studied include Darwin, his family, and the society he lived in and interacted with. The interviews highlights Darwin’s interaction with religion, and family, which are basic building blocks of culture. Anthropology seeks to have a holistic view of human life including the changes that occur and a comparison with other cultures. The material presented in the interview is, therefore relevant to cultural studies and anthropology.



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