Hollow Men

 Hollow Men

 Some similarities can be drawn between the poem hollow men and the short play ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’. The characters described in the poem are people who have become uncaring and unable to have empathy. The hollow men are described as men devoid of their souls and acting for the reasons of their gratification and misery. “The hollow men” draws parallels with the play ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’ because the two literal pieces describe the hypocritical behavior of people.

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Advancements in internet technology have revolutionized the way business is carried out both in large and small scale. Small and medium companies have embraced e-commerce and other related online trading platforms to reach out to their consumer base while delivering the requirement and demands of their clients (MacGregor and Vrazalic, 2004, 2). E-commerce is the electronic transfer of information across the internet to transact business and other related activities. SMEs may not have enough resources primarily to expand and sustain its operations as well as meeting the demands of their customers. As such utilization of the internet that does not necessarily require use, physical resources may be an important option especially for a business that does not have adequate resources (Khosrow-Pour, 2013, 132). SMEs are those commercial enterprises that employ less than 250 workers and have an annual turnover of fewer than 50 million Euros.

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 Qn a.

  No! Accounting is a systematic process of discerning, classifying, recording, verifying, summarizing and interpreting financial information. Accounting reveals whether a business is profit making or making losses in any given period. Also, accounting further checks the value and nature of a company assets, liabilities and owners’ equity (Drury, 2007). On the other hand, a budget is a management’s quantitative expression of plans for any upcoming period.

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Short Term Business Decisions


 In any business, the primary reason for it existence is in maximizing the profit. The profit of any organization can be maximized by some ways, one of which is minimizing the expenses incurred (Moad, 1993). In the Mary Tan’s situation the best decision that she can make should be geared towards reducing the cost that Duck Associates incurs.

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The Theories of Language Origin


The theories that explain the beginning of language usage by human beings can be broadly categorized into two major groups. The two hypotheses are the divine creation and the natural evolution theories. The divine creation has it that human beings were created as remarkable creatures who could communicate using a language (Urban 26). A good example is in the Book of Genesis in the Bible where Adam is ordered by the Creator to name the other animals and plants created. It is a sign that human beings were created with the ability to use languages. The ability enabled the first man created to name all the other creatures as ordered by God.

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