How to Check for Plagiarized Content?

how to detect plagiarism

So, you have written an essay for your class, and you have to submit it. Still, before you do that, it would be best to check your paper for plagiarism. This way, you can be sure that your essay is 100% original and you won’t fail the exam.

Here is how you can do it:

The Manual Way

After you’ve written your essay, you need to gather all the data you used for it. Written research is a priority, followed by audio and video information.
If the research material is ready, you can start analyzing it phrase by phrase to see if there is something familiar about it. If the idea or information is the same and the structure mimics the source, you just stumbled upon a plagiarized phrase or sentence. This can happen to anyone, so don’t worry.
You must edit the sentence in such a way that retains the information that your essay needs but doesn’t look as if it was copied word for word.
Dealing with plagiarism can be tricky, and if you don’t like this method, there are other ways.

Asking Your Tutor for Help

If you want to check if your essay is plagiarized, you can ask your University supervisor or trainer to help you with this task. He can tell you what to look out for and can quickly tell which sentence or phrase seems to have been copied.
The idea is that your supervisor knows more about the research material than you. He can recall ideas and phrases and compare them mentally with your work. Of course, he can’t analyze the whole essay or do it with high accuracy, but he can give you some tips on how to do it on your own.

Using Online Anti-Plagiarism Software

If you want to know how to check if your essay is original, just search for some online anti-plagiarism software. There are free ones and programs for which you have to pay. However, none of them needs any download.
The free version can certainly do the job, but it can take a while to scan the document. Also, it can have a limit on how many characters it can analyze in a session, and it isn’t as accurate as the subscription based one.
If you want to maximize the accuracy of the scan, you can use a multitude of free anti-plagiarism applications. The reason behind this idea is to try to mimic the large libraries that an advanced anti-plagiarism software has. This way, you will be sure of what content is plagiarized or not.
The anti-plagiarism software that requires a monthly subscription or a contract (because it is expensive) has an extensive library of literature with which you can compare your paper. It is also way more accurate than free anti-plagiarism programs. It can scan the document in a couple of seconds and has no character limit per session.

Using an Essay Writing Service

An essay writing company has an array of services you can choose from. It can have a spelling check program and even an advanced anti-plagiarism scanner. For a small fee, you can use that scanner for any document you want and receive the results.
This option can also be included in your order if you want the service to write you an essay and need an anti-plagiarism check.


We hope this guide has shown you how to find plagiarism in your essay and how to deal with it. Remember that if you find plagiarized content in your paper, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you stole the information.
But, you do need to deal with plagiarized content somehow before submitting the essay for an examination. If you don’t eliminate the plagiarized content, you can fail the exam or get expelled.

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