Importance of International Exposure to Working Abroad

Importance of International Exposure to Working Abroad


I am doing this paper to inform readers on the importance of international exposure before going to work abroad. It can be important for your future because one day you may get an unbelievable opportunity to work abroad. I will be writing about Previous International Exposure, Target Country Analysis, Study Abroad Options and Possible Immersion Strategies, Specific Preparation, Specific Preparation, Traditional Expatriate vs. SIE Strategies.


Do people need international exposure experience prior to working abroad? Many people decide to work abroad without being familiar with the foreign country or culture. No country has the same set of traditions as another, which makes it more of a reason to have experience with them. Learning a new language, traveling as a tourist, or even becoming familiar with the food are all great ways to gain exposure.

Some benefits to learning a foreign language include having a better understanding of what your co-workers are saying, and what the boss wants you to do. MNC’s (Multinational Corporation) looks to hire a foreign worker that speaks and understands the native language with ease. Being bilingual promotes greater relations with your co-workers, boss, and even between countries by having two or more party’s gain a mutual understanding.

Before working abroad, traveling to the country of my work will be located in leads to an easier transition. Knowing how to greet people properly and how to correctly present yourself is a big deal for most foreign businesses. There is no negative effect that can possible come from traveling as a tourist. In most cases, a person who has had experience with the country he/she is looking to work for is a big benefit to the employer. Having an international experience as a worker helps employers gain a sense of trust with a foreign country.

Learning to speak and traveling are not the only ways to gain foreign exposure prior to working abroad. Any international experience3 you have or have had is an example of exposure including eating food. Knowing the types of food and becoming familiar with eating them will not be a shock to your body once you begin your work in a different country. For example, a person from Mexico is going to work in Japan. The type of food is so different that if the person from Mexico may experience stomach aches due to the large amount of raw fish in the Japanese diet.

All in all I think it is very important to gain international exposure prior to working abroad. Being raised by a Ukrainian Mom and Dad, I have been taught that different cultures have different traditions. In Ukraine, it is impolite to shake a person’s hand while remaining seated. This is an example of my thesis, which is that gaining international exposure prior to working abroad will help not only the worker, but the company as well.

Target Country Analysis

I prefer to relocate, reside, and work in the United States of America. My interest to relocate to America has been growing every day. Reasons of my interest to stay in the United States and work their include their overwhelming culture, the policies of the government that support all foreign workers, economic reasons, and, finally, the working environment that is humble and good for career development and growth. Thus, the above factors have been the points of attraction that makes me feel that America guarantees me an environment where I can gain the international working experience that will, in return, assist me to achieve and attain the globally accepted competence professionally.

The Culture of the American People

Before one intermingles and socializes with other persons, it is advisable to get to know their culture. Since I am interested in moving to the United States, it is mandatory to inquire and get to know the culture of the Americans. Thus, by getting to know and understand their culture, blending in and getting to know them better is easier. Culture is so broad, hence, cannot be analyzed thoroughly in a day, a month, or a year. It will be a long life event to come to know each and every bit of the America’s culture. Also, since the United States is a host of diverse cultures, ranging from Black race to White race, getting to know all these cultures is not a one day event. Hence, the culture of the Americans ranges from the kind of food they eat, the religion they worship, how they travel and spend their leisure time. Thus, customs, traditions, and beliefs make the culture that we see today (Cambridge 115).

Before relocating, I have to know all of the above. Since culture is broad and the United States has a variety of traditions, the major culture that one has to know is that of their lifestyle. Lifestyle is essential to individuals, so I have to know well how they operate and how they do their work. Equally, I have to know of their traditions before I relocate. I have to see how I can align my traditions with those of the Americans so that I can best suit alongside their traditions. I have to accommodate them regarding to their traditions so as my stay will not be hampered by such traditions, work, and mode of operation. Religion also plays a significant role. I should be conversant about their religion that is in America that may range from, Islam, Christianity, and Protestant, and how they will affect my career development and growth. I have to try to incorporate and balance on my religion and theirs.

Policies of the Government

Most countries including the United States have policies that guide the department of migration that handles various people who come to seek jobs. Equally, they have policies that govern work permits that are offered to individuals who are foreigners. Such policies include the procedures to be followed when one needs a work permit and the registration steps to be followed when registering as a foreign worker in the United States. (Cambridge 105). Second, I have to take into consideration the tax that will be applied to my earnings, and the kind of jobs that are set aside for foreigners like me. Through that, I will be in a position to know the laws that guide the foreigner workers and how they operate in the United States.

Economic Reasons

America has more stable and developed economy in the world than any other country. So I expect good fortunes with an advanced economy that guarantees me a variety of jobs that covers all the sectors of the economy thus making me acquitted as full baked individual in the working place. With such a developed economy, I stand a chance to get to know where best I can suit and gain valuable skills since it offers a platform of sectors that are diverse hence one stands at a better position to chose where they have passion in and can develop and improve their skills effectively. (Carbaugh 86). Such economy thus gives me enough exposure concerning working related experience and challenge related to career thus enabling me to develop and actualize it to the utmost experience that will be beneficial to both America and Ukraine as my motherland.

Working Environment

For employees to prosper, they have to work in an environment that is conducive such as the one that is in the United State. America provides that environment that enables one to reestablish him or herself in the work place. Due to their enhanced and developed economy, they offer their staffs an environment that they can best work in improve their skills and even attract other professionals from other countries to come and work in. Therefore, a working environment should be put into consideration when one aspires to go and work in such countries hence the United States provides such a vital working environment that is suitable. Thus, before I relocate, a conducive environment is all that I aspire that the United States offers to me and to any other individual who will be at liberty to join me in search of working experience in my target country.

Immersion Strategies and Options for Study Abroad

A lot of programs out there exist to aid individuals in terms of making critical decision to studying abroad. Most of the colleges in abroad have programs that suit individuals who would like to join them as foreign students. These programs are enticing to individuals who want to pursue such studies. Before getting admitted to these colleges and universities, one has to chose the mode of studies that will suit his or her needs while taking studies in those higher institutions of learning. The mode of studies that are available to most of students range from online learning that entails modules as a learning tool. Modules are programs designed in such a way that it suits those students who attend their tutorials through the internet platform. They can be able to learn and deliver their studies from the comfort of their computers. Another mode of learning entails being a regular student who is attached to some kind of jobs such as internships. This mode of learning equips learners with skills that are being taught in class. Regular mode of learning thus is beneficial to students since they get to convert what they have learnt in class immediately to the job market. All these options of future study unlock the key to the success in gaining valuable experience that instills more knowledge and skills towards the working fraternity. All of them are time-consuming and require more attentiveness to pass class (Cai 104). For one semester, I can choose the mode of learning that encompasses both class work and internship opportunity. As a student and an intern, I can both grasp the class work content and put it into practice in the working place. I will gain valuable experience, exploiting and maximizing this opportunity that is offered to me, hence, improve my skills in the work place thus aiding my to further my development in the career path in future. The immersion strategies that will be enhanced are the ones that allow me to be open mind to questions about work related matters. I have gained towards career development and enhancement.

Specific Preparation

I have to put in place specific ideas and plans that will be effective for me in the short term to my study and working abroad. Apart from short term plans, I too have to set ideas that will encompass a long-term stay in the United States. The plans and ideas should be of value to me and straight forward thus suiting my stay in the United States. The specific preparation that I have to instill into my preparations include: applying for work permit and getting to understand other related laws that govern my relocation and thereafter getting settled as an employee in one of the multinational corporations. Apart from getting to know the United States policies, I have to prepare for the orientation of culture. Since culture is a way of life, I have to lay down steps and procedures that will be of aid to learn their culture. Hence, the specific preparations that I will take into consideration are culture and government policies that are key to my relocation.

Self-initiated Expatriates versus Traditional Expatriates

Good education and valuable working experience in the working place is key to one’s position in an organization. Those expatriates who are renowned for their extensive research and experience in the working place are a target to most prestigious multinational corporations in the world. These expatriates are the ones that assist these multinational corporations in achieving their goals. The only people who can achieve the much needed success in these corporations are expatriates. These expatriates are categorized into two and include self initiated expatriates and traditional expatriates. Both self initiated and traditional expatriates have skills and experience that is key to success of these companies. Traditional expatriates are attached to companies on a permanent basis. Self initiated expatriates are contacted to the company on contractual basis. After their contract is over, they have the freedom to relocate to another company or country where they can be offered a good contract that entails good remuneration (Anderson 57).

Self initiated expatriates have freedom to move about any country they want and stand a chance to be paid fairly. The freedom of movement and good pay acts as a strength for the self initiated expatriates. On the other hand, the traditional expatriates are restricted to movement from one country to another unless the corporation they are attached to recommends so. Thus, the self-initiated expatriates have taken the entire world by surprise since they work on contract thus exemplifying their performance wherever they are contracted. One weakness that is associated with the self initiated expatriates is that they lack job security that exists on the traditional expatriates. The traditional expatriates have job security since they are employed permanently and are pensionable thus acting as a job security and cannot be transferred easily.


Globally, there exist many opportunities that assist us to gain valuable experience in a working environment. A country such as the United States offers an environment that is vital for developing and improving work experience. Valuable working experience and skills help persons to develop future careers. Before getting to seek greener pastures for good remuneration and career development, consider specific plans and ideas that can best suit one’s relocation. These plans are vital for our relocation and settling down in the United States as an expatriate and even as a student.

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