Review of the film Her

Review of the film Her

The Earth is bigger than the world, but the world is greater than the Earth. Every generation does not believe something from the next generation, but they will believe later. Also, the era is relevant to every generation regarding how people live in a situation for their cultures. In the Earth, every generation has different thinking and experiences due to technology and from previous generation’s culture. In addition, every generation has many different cultures, but in the future, doubles or triples new subcultures obviously due to technology. In an attempt to give viewers a vision of how the future relationships between man and machines could be, filmmaker Spike Jonze offers film lovers a film about a depressed writer Theodore Twombly and his love for Samantha, an artificially intelligent operating system.

 Theodore is a sad man as a result of an impending divorce. As a consequence of his fondness for computer technology, he is lured to buy OS 1, a new artificially intelligent OS that tries to improve the life of Theodore by making it more interesting. Within a short while, Theodore finds himself with a connection that is better than any other connection he has had with any real woman in his life. He quickly falls in love with the operating system that he starts imagining the Samantha, the operating system in romantic perspectives.

The direction of the film, like the rest of Jonze’s work, is unique. The director brings his visual creativity in a way that is out of the norm for futuristic films. The future that Jonze creates looks real and almost similar to the current time, the aspects of the environment seem familiar, but at the same time the director manages to create the technological advancement that usually makes science fiction films interesting to watch. The technological advancement as portrayed by the artificially intelligent Samantha creates a contrast with the current world while the background remains organic and similar to the current world, making it easier to identify with for viewers. The film photography is good and manages to retain a realistic background that is uncommon for science fiction films. The director of photography, Van Hotema uses brightly colored schemes that combine with the scene to scene composition and sepia-washed cinematography to provide visual effects that are interesting, but not distracting from the main plot (Tapley).

The script, also Jonze’s work, develops a plot that progresses with a controlled tempo and character arcs, giving strong development that grows into an emotional experience for the viewer. The story is funny, honest, intimate and so insightful that it creates an emotion effect that is readily identifiable with the audience. Nevertheless, Jonze’s script follows the usually predictable plots of the journeys from heartbreaks that are common with other literature of the same genre.

The acting by Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore and Scarlett Johansson as Samantha works very well for the development of the story. Phoenix although present on the screen most of the time, proves he can keep a film interesting. Phoenix creates the romantic environment that is similar to that from a film with an actual female character while Scarlett Johansson provides vocals for Samantha in a way that supports Phoenix’s performance as an actor. Samantha is a good character and Johansson works well as her engine.

In summary, Jonze’s work in the film Her deserves a rating of four and a half stars out of five. The director manages to marry the different aspects of the film with a correct choice of actors to come up with a romantic science fiction story like no other.