Popular Trend in Pop Music

Popular Trend in Pop Music

Pop music is a type of musical genre that has been seeking for international recognition via its seamless convergence and unique form along with other famous genres such as Rock and Jazz. The aim of this essay is to provide a detailed description of the history of the evolution of this genre along with its unique features in style and sound that makes it trend. The paper will also cover political, economic, cultural, and sociological factors that have greatly influenced the evolution and growth of this genre. In trying to meet the goal and objective of this essay, a lot of focus will be directed towards covering the lifestyle of some popular pop musicians. In the genre of pop music, there are various business moves and record labels that have assisted greatly in bringing the pop music to prominence.

 Historical background

Since the late 1950s, pop music has always been associated with the youth or the young generation. The term pop originates from various concerts during the 1900 in which live performances were mostly common (Sanderson & Cheong 337). Over the years, pop music has been associated with the music that is characterized by rock and roll. This kind of style has over the years spread in terms of market segmentation.

Some of the groups that are currently associated with pop music are referred to as the Beatle. According to Zion, “during the early 1960s, the group was the first to experiment with the format of basic rock” (24). The pop has currently incorporated various elements of music that range from western, country, reggae, soul, and blues types of music, which are mostly jazz or classical. Additionally, the genre has also relied on various styles from ethnic African styles. Today, most musicians attempt to incorporate their own respective ethnic style with other musicians bringing in their exemplary pop music. Generally, Zion argues that “pop music is presented, played, and marketed for the young generation audience and its success is based on how the teenage responds to it” (27).

There are various factors that have brought about this kind of popularity. The first factor is the “new cultural authority” that is quite different from the European dogmas culture. United States for instance, attempts to incorporate the European culture while at the same time trying to bring in its own variations of the same in the culture. It is because of this that the pop music has dramatically and rapidly changed over the years.

The second factor that has contributed to such kind of popularity can be attributed to the capitalism ideology. This factor is directly related to the political environment and has always existed; however, it was in the U.S. that it acquired populism. Accordingly, Lopes (23) believes that “this kind of element brought about consumerism with its main target being the ordinary individuals, family, unemployed youths, and the middle class.” The America’s social cultural environment introduced ordinary families through the assimilation process, in which the pop music was considered as the interculturalisation agent. The main element of interaction during this period was the entertainment aspect. Furthermore, during this period pop music was the major style that assisted in spreading the culture of America to Middle East and other continents. The growth of American industrialization also contributed into the spread of the music as a distinct business entity (Lopes 26).

The third factor that greatly contributed to the popularity of the music is the records invention. It is quite imperative to note that most composers of the pop music did not understand how to write the music. This meant that pop music could only spread verbally, thus limiting its duration over time and its geographical area. When record invention was made, pop music could easily be spread without having to orally master the words; however, it took the composers some time to understand the invention. After some time, the industry began recording not just the ongoing songs, but also the already published pop.

The last factor that impeded the growth of the pop music was the assumed declaration in the twentieth century that pop music was the music of the youth. It is not quite easy to establish the exact period, however, the youth became a very significant factor. The teenagers were the main consumers of the dance songs despite being locked out from expensive bars in which this music were played (Lopes 27).

The most recognized group of the pop music are the Beatles. The group was able to attract followers and fans across the world. The group was portrayed lovable, cheerful, and always willing to share a joke or a smile with other people. This kind of spirit enabled the Beatle to inspire and bring with it many followers and fans to the music. The band image was preserved within the audience because of their pop music association that was gaining rapid popularity with the specific audience. Even after gaining popularity, the public continued loving the songs despite the challenges that the music encountered. As a result, they managed to maintain a humble and friendly appearance. The Beatle band may have been very ambitious just like their other counterparts within the industry, but they tried as hard as possible to hide it from the public glare. The music was able to capture the attention and emotion of its listeners while at the same time maintaining the entertainment aspect. Even after their disbandment in 1969, they were still endured and respected by the audience of the pop music. As Mackenzie affirms, “The Beatle band was viewed as one of the best music group and has a lot of impact to the music culture” (5).

The Beatle band impressed many of its followers with their natural talent that provided the group with what was considered an instant fame. Their selection of the theme song also enhanced their influence and fame. The Beatle band was not just limited to the teenage romance, but also focused on mature material in order to address their range of audience. Additionally, their song had a long-term appeal as a result of its melodic and complex nature. Further, they linked classical elements to their music in order to create a music appeal and make their music interesting.

The pop music became popular as a result of “technological advancements in the late 1960s, which in turn propelled its production along with the business” (Christgau 20). The new technologies resulted into improved recording techniques together with other equipment that were used for production. This period was very crucial in the music history since it marked the beginning of music transformation across the world. This period brought about social transformation and sexual freedom for most of its followers together with Beatles who had been greatly affected by the economic, technological, and social factors. The Beatle group had relied on these events to become influential and famous.

The pop music is still performing extremely well worldwide. In the year 2010, there was increased viewership of the pop music with the music video garnering outspoken criticism. Additionally, pop music is still being listened to by many people, despite the passing on of the pop icon Michael Johnson. Consequently Sanderson and Cheong argue that “the rapid growth and success of the pop music can be accredited to the American rich history that has greatly been affected by the capitalism ideology and the US cultural power that has mostly invigorated consumerism, thus calling for spending among the citizens.” (332) After the death of Michael Jackson, most newspapers declared him the richest musician in the globe (Sanderson & Cheong 329). His wealth was more than 50 billion dollars minus other projects and resources he was initially running. Michael Jackson wealth was more than any other musician who have ever made such wealth in the music industry. His death also contributed to the popularity of the pop music since most of his songs were sold after his death.

The recent invention of musical gadgets such as iPhone and other related music storage devices also led to the spread of the pop music. The young generations were able to listen to music anywhere they go through their mobile devices. This resulted into sharing and spread of the music among the young adults.

In conclusion, it is important to note that pop music still remains influential and alive. Moreover, there are no signs that the pop music will fade soon. The pop music still remains influential and popular as a result of its different audiences. Other pop stars such as Shakur and 2Pac have a place in the music store and still influence its popularity.










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