Devotion to the Virgin Mary

Devotion to the Virgin Mary

The first story described Mary as a helpful and also influential woman in the society for those who are seeking guidance. Besides, the story describes her as “a very beautiful woman, devout in mind and fervent in the service of the mother of God.” But Mary falls into a sinful relationship with the priest and end up being a prostitute. Again afterward, Mary returned into a monastery where she was welcomed and forgiven, additionally she was seen as a hero. She asked Mary the mother of Jesus to help her.


Mary is the respected and praised mother of Jesus. She is seen as the want that is closer to God that is why Beatrix asked her for guidance after quitting prostitution. Therefore, for the Christians Mary acts as a link between them and God, hence they can ask Mary to convey their needs to God. The Hail Mary is a type of prayer which describes Mary as the mother of Jesus; it is a prayer which is being uttered by the people to request Mary for help1.

Mary is important for Christian since she is the mother of Jesus Christ who takes away all sins of the Christians. If it was not for Mary, Christian would not have been forgiven for their sins. On other the hand, Mary is just the mother of Jesus the son of God but she has no authority to speak to God directly, hence the Christians should take a step and pray to God directly to help them, instead of praying through Mary. There is an important relationship between the Christians and Mary the mother of Jesus. Jesus Christ is the son of God who came purposely to take away the sin of the humankind. It is through Jesus Christ that the Christians would be able to see God.

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