Memory/Time Capsule

Memory/Time Capsule

(1)Different items can represent a person's life and these can be put in a time capsule. (2) I can put three materials here that can symbolize my life so far. (3) These objects were chosen since they highlight different important experiences. (4) For example, the items represent my actions as a person and what I value most. (4) These items are significant to what I do in life.

(3)The first item that I would put in the time capsule is a cellphone. (4) I use this in most of my interactions and communications. (4) In addition, I rely on my cellphone to do other activities that are included in its features, these are browsing the internet and using various productivity applications.


(3)The second item that would be included in the time capsule is a pen. (4) I have written a lot of things and consider literature to be one of my passions. (4) Moreover, the pen represents my thoughts and convictions since I use it to express my opinions.

(3)The third item I would put in my time capsule to represent my life would be a watch. (4) I have always given importance to time and how it would affect my daily activites. (4) Furthermore, the watch represents my ability to manage my time through different passions.

(3) All these three items helped shape my life so far through the various importance they possess. (4) They helped me become who I am today and would perfectly symbolize what I've been through (4) For instance, the pen represents my passion for writing, while the cellphone and the watch are important items of my daily life. (1) To sum up, a person can put unique items in a time capsule that would perfectly symbolize him/her like the one I did for myself and if you ever want to know a person more, ask him/her what items he would put in a time capsule.

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