Globalization occupies an essential in contemporary discussions. This is because of its utmost manifestation in the face of technological innovation. A simple understanding of the concept defines globalization as a process of integration that arises from interaction of people through aspects such as trade and technology. Although globalization has been mainly defined in technological and economic terms, it has much imp0lication in anthropology. Globalization is, especially, to anthropologists because of its social and cultural impacts. This suggests that it is a great subject of research in social and cultural anthropology.

 Interestingly, globalization is not a recent phenomenon. Since anthropologists are interested in the fusion and clash of cultures through interaction of different ethnic groups, earlier societies are a perfect beginning for the exploration of this phenomenon (Lewellen 112). For many years, individuals from different geographical regions have been buying and selling products across great distances. For instance, the use of ships in trade is manifested in the Arabs’ exploration of East Africa’s coastline. In addition, the Silk Road shows how interaction driven by the rational pursuit of profits made people interact with each other. Anthropology is not only interested in how such features manifest in contemporary life, but is also interested in how the features of the globalization process evolve over time.

Globalization attracts a debate of contest with others supporting the process while other school of thoughts oppose the same. Supporters of globalization view the process benefitting different populations in terms of knowledge. Indeed, studies of cultures over time show that societies that exchanged information professed more material and socio-political progress. For instance, the exchange between Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Empires is held responsible for the bulk of current progress as shown in the fields of engineering, sciences, and technology. A globalized setting, thus, provides the opportunity to integrate different worldviews towards better products for humanity. On the other hand, other people argue that globalization stifles the unique cultures of certain places. This leads towards a loss of self-identity as certain ethnic groups feel displaced by dominant groups.

Public policy is essentially a guide upon which certain actions are taken, as consistent with institutional frameworks and law. In anthropological terms, public policy refers to principles upon which social laws are grounded. Upon such principles, acts that are regarded as contravening a public good are defined and held invalid. On the other hand, anthropology is simply defined as the study of humans over time. Anthropology covers social, cultural, and linguistic aspects of human development and the workings of societies over time. Both sociology and anthropology differ with psychology because psychology is more interested in the individual disposition of a person while sociology and anthropology studies the human being as existing within the larger societal framework. Anthropology is a distinct field, however, because while sociology deals with the study of the human population at a given time, anthropology considers human societies over the course of history (Wise 102).

AAA (American Anthropological Association) is more interested in the wider debate that analyzes the growth of globalization and its manifestations in areas such as migration and race. In addition, the organization is interested in the development of theories in anthropology towards studying the phenomenon. The organization, thus, is interested in a positive, exploratory, and empirical approach towards the study of globalization. Such an approach easily lends solutions to existing problems. Key areas of study include migration, race, and gender equality.

A notable area of study that can be targeted through public policy is migration. This occurs in the context of the recent wave of immigration that developed countries are facing. Immigration has a huge implication on hosting countries. This suggests that anthropology has a diverse field of study. To begin with, anthropological research may target a historical analysis of migration and show how factors in the former interactions and societies are causing increased migration in the recent times. In turn, such research should also seek to explore how patterns of migration have changed over time. For instance, while migration may be seen to be pursuing products in the recent times, it may be found out to have been following resources in the past. In addition, it is essential to explore the constraints that people will be facing in defending their unique cultures in a globalized environment. A key aspect of study may also concern how immigrants adapt to new environments both in terms of first generations and subsequent generations (Baker 56)

Globalization, thus, is a great subject pf social and cultural anthropology. As a process that has occurred over time, anthropology is essential in investigating the process, transformation of motivations, and in assessing on how the phenomenon impacts on social and cultural conditions. While others see globalization as beneficial, other schools of thoughts are against the same for its diffusion and supposed suppression of certain cultures. Public policy, thus, can define key areas for anthropological research on aspects of migration. For instance, research on migration is essential in detecting the history, patterns, and its impacts on both hosts and immigrants’ ways of life.

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